Imports and Exports

Find the solutions you need to help you trade securely and cost effectively overseas.


We understand the needs of importers. That’s why all our import services are designed to help you trade with assurance.

Our Import Collections service is a secure way to receive your goods, our Import Letter of Credit solution provides a trusted payment method so you can import with confidence and our import finance solutions allow you to pay your supplier promptly and negotiate better terms while improving your cash flow.

Import Letters of Credit

If you import goods, protect both yourself and your supplier with an Import Letter of Credit, a secure payment method for settling international trade transactions.

Import Collections

If you're looking for a secure and cost-effective way to trade with confidence, Import Collections let you pay your supplier after your goods have been shipped.

Buyer Loans

If you're importing goods, our Buyer Loans could help you improve cash flow, negotiate better terms with suppliers and pay them more promptly.

HSBC TradePay

If you’re paying your suppliers by open account, HSBC TradePay lets you quickly and easily drawdown your loan and pay your suppliers, through a single seamless process. Available in selected sites. Subject to credit approval, T&Cs and fees.


If your business trades overseas, our international expertise could give you an advantage. With offices in markets worldwide, our Export Collections and Export Letter of Credit solutions could remove some of the risks associated with global payments. Our export finance solutions could give you access to the working capital you need to fulfil your orders and help you offer more favourable terms to your trading partners.

Export Letters of Credit

If you export goods, you can trade securely in the knowledge that you will receive payment - as long as you present documentation that satisfies the pre-agreed conditions.

Export Collections

Export Collections are a trusted and reliable method of getting paid for your exports, providing more security than dealing directly with your buyer.

Seller Loans

You could improve your cash flow and strengthen your negotiating power with a loan that's linked to your exports.

Export Resource Centre

Whether you are new to exporting, thinking about it, or have established overseas trade relationships, we have the tools and solutions to support you. Check out our dedicated Export Resource Centre for more information and ideas to help with your export journey.


Trading internationally without established relationships can feel like a leap of faith. That’s why we provide International Business Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit, so that both parties can trade with increased security and reduced risk. With an extensive range of guarantees available, we can provide added support and security to meet your import and export needs.

International Business Guarantees

When you’re trading internationally with or without established relationships, our guarantees reduce trade risks by giving you and your supplier greater security

Foreign exchange

Foreign exchange risk management

When doing business overseas, we believe it's important to protect profits from the risks that come with fluctuating foreign exchange rates.


Import and Export Smartforms

Please ensure you are always using the most up to date version of the appropriate application form by downloading it directly from this page.


Enjoy the convenience of email updates at each stage of your trade transaction, available at no additional cost when you have a trade finance facility with us.

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Whether you’re at home, in the office or on the go, we’ve made it possible to stay in touch with your trade finance transactions.

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