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If you export goods, you can trade securely in the knowledge that you will receive payment - as long as you present documentation that satisfies the pre-agreed conditions.

At a glance – key product features

  • Payment risk is transferred from your buyer to their bank (issuing bank)
  • World wide standard method of international trade, backed by globally recognised documentary processes
  • Know exactly when you will be paid for your exported goods
  • Payment terms known in advance of shipment (including timescales and despatch dates)

Key benefits

Minimise your export payment risks

Manage your cash flow by using a Letter of Credit to raise finance

How an Export Letter of Credit works

It's a commitment given by the buyer's bank to you, that they will make payment when you present a pre-agreed, specified set of documents to HSBC or a nominated bank in the UK.

You can reduce the risk of non-payment by the buyer's bank and associated country risks, by asking HSBC to add our confirmation to the document.

Funds can generally be advanced against compliant documents; or if documents aren’t fully compliant, after acceptance from the buyer’s bank has been received.

Important information

Smartforms for existing Trade Finance customers:

Click here to find manual forms to present documents under an export Letter of Credit, or to transfer a Letter of Credit.

Export Finance Factsheet

Click here to access the Export Finance Factsheet.

Export Resource Centre

Whether you are new to exporting, thinking about it, or have established overseas trade relationships, we have the tools and solutions to support you. Check out our dedicated Export Resource Centre for more information and ideas to help with your export journey.

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