Export Resource Centre

Thinking big can pay off. Today’s markets are more globalised and accessible than ever before. Steering your business beyond borders is therefore crucial to stay ahead. The Export Resource Centre offers support and guidance to help you along your way.

International Markets Insights

Whatever stage you’re at in your bid to crack international markets, information is key. We’re here to empower you with the insights, tips and case studies you need to expand.

New to Exporting

When you’re thinking of exporting you need somewhere to begin. You may want to be inspired by stories of global growth, fresh prospects and new markets. Look no further. We tap into a wealth of expertise.

Established Exporter

Your business may have started to see the benefits of going global, but there’s still plenty of opportunities out there. Gather fresh insight and read about the international experiences of your peers.

Tools and Resources

To help you with your exporting journey, check out the below tools and resources.

International Business Guides

As your explore new markets, our guides provide the insight and information you need to trade with confidence no matter where your ambitions take you.

The Exporting Journey

Exporting offers huge opportunities for businesses to reach new customers in new markets and spread their risk. Check out the Exporting Journey guide for tips

Trading safely, smartly, successfully guide

HSBC UK Trading Safely Brochure

Trade Association

Access information on UK trade associations and business sectors.

Made in the UK sold to the world icon

Made in the UK, sold to the world

Government advice and opportunities service for your overseas development.

HSBC UK Trade Transaction Tracker

Trade Transaction Tracker

A quick and easy way to access your trade transactions…anytime, anywhere.

Insights Hub

Taking your business overseas - where should you start?

Exporting offers huge opportunities for businesses to reach new customers in new markets and spread their risk. From adapting your products to researching markets, we take you through the key steps to trading successfully overseas.

The 5 hows of exporting

Taking your business to different markets around the world can bring real benefits to your business but it’s not always a simple process. So how do you go about it?

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