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If you're looking for a secure and cost-effective way to trade with confidence, Import Collections let you pay your supplier after your goods have been shipped.

At a glance – key product features

  • Helping to build trust, HSBC acts a recognised intermediary to support your trade transactions
  • Offers more control than dealing directly
  • Globally recognised standard documentary processes
  • Document and payment collections handled on your behalf

Key benefits

Greater security when receiving goods

Only pay for goods when you're happy with the shipping documents

Access to HSBC’s international Trade Finance expertise and connected global network

How Import Collections work

After the goods are shipped, your supplier presents shipping documents such as invoices, insurance certificate and bills of lading to their bank, along with their payment instructions.

The supplier’s bank then forwards them to HSBC for payment.

HSBC acts on behalf of the supplier's bank to collect payment from you - or a promise that you will pay at a later date if that's what you've agreed with your supplier.

A promise to pay usually involves you accepting a Bill of Exchange.

Before you can request early delivery of goods under an Import Collection, we’ll need to set you up with an HSBC trade facility

To find out more, contact one of our Trade Finance specialists.

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