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Export Collections are a trusted and reliable method of getting paid for your exports, providing more security than dealing directly with your buyer.

At a glance – key product features

  • Document and payment collections are handled on your behalf
  • Reduces disputes as documentary collections are governed by International Chamber of Commerce rules
  • Continue to build trust whilst you stay in control
  • Access to international Trade Finance specialists
  • World wide standard method of international trade, backed by globally recognised documentary processes

Key benefits

Greater security for your export payments

You stay in control of your trade transactions

Benefit from HSBC’s extensive global reach

How Export Collections work

You ship the goods to your buyer.

You send us the shipping documents and collection instructions and we send these to your buyer’s bank.

The buyer’s bank then requests payment or an undertaking to pay from the buyer. Their bank will not release the documents until the buyer has either made payment or promised to do so at a later date agreed by you.

Please note

Payment is not made until after the goods are shipped - so you bear the risk while goods are in transit or storage until you receive payment or acceptance.

Banks involved in the transaction do not guarantee payment.

It's your responsibility to check the importer's credit status and reputation before agreeing to an export collection.

Important information

Smartforms for existing trade finance customers

Click here to find manual forms to present documents under export collections.

Export Resource Centre

Whether you are new to exporting, thinking about it, or have established overseas trade relationships, we have the tools and solutions to support you. Check out our dedicated Export Resource Centre for more information and ideas to help with your export journey.

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