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Agriculture Insights

Keep your business safe

Cybercrime and fraud may not be something that people naturally associate with agriculture, but criminals are increasingly targeting businesses throughout the sector. Here we look at the steps you can take to protect yourself and the most common ways fraudsters may target your business.

Making a virtue of variety

From beef cattle, pigs and orchards to anaerobic digestors and glasshouses, the Hunnifords certainly haven’t rested on their laurels when it comes to growing the family farm business.

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Forward Planning

Our free specialist farming publication. Published annually, it's packed with all the insight you need to help you prepare a farm budget, understand farm gross margins and forecasts and benchmark your business with confidence.

Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

For support and guidance on preparing for Brexit visit AHDB.

Taking the Pulse

Taking the Pulse is our regular update on the agriculture industry, exploring the latest developments in key sectors and sharing the views and insights of successful businesses.

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