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You could improve your cash flow and strengthen your negotiating power with a loan that's linked to your exports.

At a glance- key product features

  • Bridges the cashflow gap until payments are received
  • Negotiate better terms for your export business
  • Can be arranged in most major currencies
  • Easy to set up and manage

How Seller Loans work

Get the financing you need upfront to buy raw materials, manufacture goods and prepare them for shipment.

Seller Loans can be arranged on a pre shipment or post shipment basis.

Pre shipment loans are provided upon presentation of a Letter of Credit or a confirmed purchase order from your buyer

Post shipment seller loans are provided upon presentation a confirmed invoice or other export documentation such as proof of shipment

Before you can draw down funds on a Seller Loan, we’ll need to set you up with a trade facility

To find out how a Seller Loan could help your business or to arrange a trade facility, contact one of our trade finance specialists.

Important information

Smartforms for existing trade finance customers

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Currency Rates for Trade Loans

Find out about the rates of interest you would pay (as at the stated date) excluding a margin to be agreed with the Bank.

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