Using Business Internet Banking

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Using Business Internet Banking

From viewing your latest transactions to transferring money between your HSBC accounts, here's an overview of the wide range of services you can access online. You'll also find answers to our customers' most frequently asked questions.


Logon to Desktop using a security device or a code from your mobile app


Make bill payments (Faster Payments) and view or cancel pending bill payments


See all transactions since your last statement date


View, download and print statements


Transfer money between your HSBC business accounts


Create, view, amend or cancel standing orders


View and cancel direct debits


Check all activity on your business accounts

Additional features of Business Internet Banking

  • Make Chaps or International Payments
  • Make BACS payments
  • Apply for a new or additional Business Debit Card and Commercial Card
  • Report your debit/credit cards lost or stolen
  • Block or replace your debit/credit card
  • Create or amend secondary users
  • Sole or Dual Control

For more detail about any of these services, see our managing the service guide (PDF, 501KB).

Online guides

Managing the service

Detailed information about all the features of Business Internet Banking

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Useful forms

Replace your Primary user

If you'd like to appoint someone else as the primary user, or to regain access if your service has been suspended

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Request an amendment to your payment limit

If you’d like to create a new payment limit, or to amend an existing one and you are a Primary user you can request a change within the service.

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Important information

HSBC Business Banking terms and conditions

Read our current terms and conditions for business banking

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Business Internet Banking terms and conditions

Additional terms and conditions for using Business Internet Banking

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Apply for Business Internet Banking

Register using our online form

Please select ‘Register now’ and complete this online form to register for Business Internet Banking.

If you require Dual Control, register for Business Internet Banking and once activated go to Manage business > Dual Control authorisation and follow the onscreen instructions


Activate online

We look forward to working with you

Your Security Device

Everything you need to know about your Security Device, plus answers to your questions and a handy troubleshooting guide.

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System requirements

Make sure you're getting the best possible browsing experience when using Business Internet Banking.

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Using Business Mobile Banking

Discover how our app can help you manage your business accounts when you're on the move.

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Protecting Your Business

Staying safe online

Learn how you can enhance your online security, how we're protecting your business online, how you can report any suspicious activity.

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Activating Business Internet Banking

Find out how to get your Business Internet Banking up and running.

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Contact us

We're here to help. Whatever your query, just give us a call.

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Pop-up settings

Find out how we use pop-ups to help keep you protected when using Business Internet Banking.

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