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Making changes can be so much easier and quicker when you log on to Business Internet Banking

In many cases, your Primary User doesn't even need to complete a form.

The table below provides information on the changes you can make in Business Internet Banking (BIB), along with which users can make them.

Type of change in BIB

Who can make such changes in BIB

Manage Business

  • Update business addresses, emails and telephone numbers.
  • Marketing preferences

Account services

  • Apply for a new debit card
  • Add an additional Commercial cardholder
  • Manage overdraft

The Primary User can submit and approve these changes.

Manage Business

  • Change mandates for:
    • Limited Liability Partnerships
    • Limited Companies and
    • Societies, Clubs and Associations

The Primary User can submit these changes and approval needs to be given by the directors, partners or office holders of the organisation.

Manage Business

  • Manage daily payment limits

Account services

  • Close your account

The Primary User can submit these changes and approval must be in accordance with the mandate.

Manage Business – Online forms

  • Replace a Business Internet Banking (BIB) Primary User
  • Register for Business Telephone Banking (BTB)
  • Replace an existing BTB Primary User
  • Add an additional BTB user
  • Reset a user’s BTB security details

All users can submit these changes and approval must be in accordance with the mandate.

Please take the time to review the signing instructions, as all requests will need to be authorised correctly. If the information doesn’t match, the request will be rejected.

Registering for Business Internet Banking

If you haven’t already, you can register for Business Internet Banking.

If you’re registered for Business Internet Banking and you need to replace a Primary User, this can be done online by going to Manage accounts > Online forms. Alternatively, you can use this form to replace a Primary User.

Not yet registered for Business Internet Banking?

If you’re not already registered for Business Internet Banking, you can still access our online forms and paper mandates, although some will need to be downloaded, printed, physically signed and posted.


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