Optimise your cash flow and finance

Managing and forecasting cash flow is key for every business. By introducing digital innovation, accurate data reporting and timely forecasting you can implement useful changes that will provide immediate benefits.

The point of a forecast is that it lets you think about scenarios and how resilient your cash and therefore your business is under each scenario.

Gareth Anderson, Area Director, HSBC UK

Featured cash flow tools

Cash flow forecasting tool

Create a basic cash flow forecast and identify sources of income and expenditure with our simple to use tool. You can then export this information as a spreadsheet to allow you make further adjustments and understand when you expect to make and receive payments.

HSBCnet: cash flow forecasting

Our fully integrated tool is available to all Corporate customers and accessed via HSBCnet, providing you with a single place for all of your cash management needs. Based on automatically loading data, Cash Flow Forecasting produces sophisticated forecasts from the near-term up to 3 years, making it quicker and easier for you to build an accurate picture of your future finances.

HSBC Receivables Finance Online Application Portal

The quick and easy way to supercharge your cash flow.


Measuring CapEx performance – why it matters and how to do it

HSBC UK’s latest CapEx survey showed that over half of small businesses were unsure when it came to measuring how well their capital expenditure was performing. Lee Hancox, Head of Business Banking & Corporate Equipment Finance, explains why it’s so important and how to build it into your business.


Be opportunity ready – how working capital optimisation can help you achieve your goals

Optimising your working capital isn’t just about better business management. It can unlock a number of opportunities and could deliver real benefits, as HSBC Relationship Director, Michael Wilding, explains.


8 ways to maximise your cash flow

In times of financial uncertainty, knowing how to maximise your cash flow could make the difference between surviving and positively thriving. We take a look at some of the strategies businesses could use for optimising cash flow in challenging times.


Taking payments digital as a small business

The way that people live, shop and work was already being disrupted by new technologies and digitalisation. But that seismic shift has been enormously accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses large and small need to respond to customers who are rapidly embracing ecommerce and digital payments, and demanding ever greater convenience in how they buy goods and services.


Top tips to help you manage cash for growth

As recovery from the pandemic gets underway, many businesses are shifting from focusing on survival to focusing on growth. But a key factor in being able to plan and execute those growth plans is robust cashflow management. Our panel of experts share their top tips on how to manage your business cash for growth.


The case for your own legal expert

Many growing firms are reluctant to engage a lawyer – yet failure to cover legal issues costs SMEs more than £13bn every year. Taking action to anticipate legal problems is likely to be well worthwhile.


How CapEx can help transform your business

Our recent survey of more than 350 businesses, looked at the role of CapEx in supporting growth, how it can unlock efficiency and why understanding and maximising your CapEx is so important.


Managing cash for growth

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, some businesses are starting to shift from survival to growth. Our expert panellists discuss how you can use pandemic learnings for more effective cash management, and future proof your business recovery.


Simple, secure and speedy – the payment solution helping ICE Trikes drive efficiency

An innovative solution from HSBC’s payment partner, Global Payments, has provided a number of benefits for global trader, ICE Trikes and its customers.


Work smarter not harder

Getting your cost base under control can help you build a leaner, more efficient business. From suppliers and customers to ways of working and operations, our quick video looks at how you can interrogate your costs and identify savings.


Security and control of cash supports Rullion’s growth plans

As part of its move to HSBC, Rullion unlocked the benefits of HSBC’s cash management solution, providing the efficiency, visibility and security the business needed to enhance its operations and provide a strong platform for growth.


HSBC’s integrated Cash Flow Forecasting tool helps Harvey Nash increase accuracy and efficiency

A ‘manual’ approach to cash flow forecasting at a business based across multiple countries was hampering Harvey Nash’s ability to generate fast and accurate reports. Implementation of HSBC’s Cash Flow Forecasting Tool, hosted within HSBCnet, proved just the solution to deliver on those requirements – as well as providing multiple other benefits.


Working capital optimisation – how a data driven consultative approach can unlock opportunity

Whatever your size of business or sector you operate in, working capital optimisation is one of the pillars of success. Michael Wilding, Relationship Director at HSBC UK, shares his thoughts on the challenges businesses face when it comes to working capital and the best strategies and approaches to overcome them.

Case Study

Virtual card solution keeps travel business moving

With business hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Travel Company Edinburgh was in urgent need of a smooth way to keep cash flowing. HSBC’s solution put the company back in control as it adapts to thrive in new circumstances.


Top cash flow mistakes to avoid

Whether you’re facing new challenges or pushing for growth, taking care of your cash flow is vital. From putting off admin to paying suppliers too quickly, our quick video runs through the classic cash flow mistakes every business owner should watch out for.


5 simple steps to cash flow forecasting

As business norms are disrupted by the fallout from COVID-19, it’s all the more important to keep track of how cash moves through your business. Here are some tips to help you build a robust cash flow forecast.


How to boost your working capital

We've all heard the old saying, 'cash is king' but, as all successful businesses know, what really counts is how efficiently cash flows through your business.


Assessing your finance needs

Reviewing your finances can identify gaps and help you work out what’s best for your business. But where to start? Our short video takes you through the key steps to assess your finance needs.

Cash Flow Academy

Having a close eye on your cash flow today so you can be finance fit for tomorrow is more important than ever. Our Cash HSBC Flow Academy, in association with KPMG, offers a series of bite-sized training sessions to help you perfect your cash flow management.


Welcome to the Cash Flow Academy

Rick Harrison, Partner at KPMG in the UK, introduces you to the programme, the modules ahead and the experts you will hear from in the series.


Cash flow forecasting

Angela Young, Associate Director in the Cash and Working Capital Team at KPMG in the UK, provides an introduction to cash flow forecasting.


Working capital management

In this two-part module, Nathan McCarthy, Director in the Cash and Working Capital Team at KPMG UK, takes you through the core principles of effective working capital management.


Tax cash flow

Sarah Gulliver and Liz Ness from KPMG UK’s Tax Team cover a range of top tips across direct and indirect tax.


Effective visibility

Lee Swinerd, Managing Director in KPMG UK’s Restructuring Team, provides some pointers on effective governance around cash and working capital.


Round up and top cash tips

Lee Swinerd wraps up the Cash Flow Academy Series with a summary of key takeaways on effective cash and working capital management.

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