Managing Your Business

Business Current Accounts

Find an account to suit your business - whether you're just starting out or looking to switch banks


HSBC Kinetic

If you're a sole trader or single director sole shareholder business, HSBC Kinetic may be right for you. Apply in minutes, in app. Most accounts opened within 48hrs.
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Small Business Banking Account

If you operate a small enterprise, require everyday transactional banking services and multiple ways to access your business account. Apply online to get off to a great start with 12 months free banking for start-ups or switchers.
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Business Banking Account

Our Business Banking Account, designed for small and medium sized enterprises with established needs.
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Corporate bank account

If you’re a Corporate Banking Customer, we could provide a Corporate Bank account for your day-to-day banking along with specialist services, support and expertise for your long-term financial future.
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Business Overdraft

If you're looking for a safety net to help you manage fluctuations in your cash flow and respond to emergencies, our Business Overdraft could be just the answer.
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Business Savings Accounts

Earn interest on surplus cash while keeping funds easily available for your business


Business Money Manager

If you're looking for an instant access savings account to put aside separate funds, our Business Money Manager could be ideal. It's easy to open, easy to manage and easy to withdraw your money whenever you need it.
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Business Money Market Account

If you have savings or surplus funds of over £5,000, you could take advantage of UK money market interest rates with one of our tailored savings accounts.
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Clients Deposit Account

Safeguard your clients' deposits or funds in a separate or pooled account and you could benefit from competitive interest rates.
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HSBC Kinetic Savings Account​

Put funds aside and withdraw them whenever you need with an instant access savings account.
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Business cards

Efficient and flexible, business cards are ideal for making secure payments in the UK and abroad.


Commercial Card

If you're looking for a flexible way to manage your day-to-day expenses and boost your business cash flow, our Commercial Card could be the answer.
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Virtual Card

A secure way to pay for goods and services without having to issue cards to employees.
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Business Debit Card

If you have or are applying for a Business Current Account you can apply for a Business Debit Card to make payments and withdraw cash from your account.
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Manage your corporate and purchasing cardholder spending more easily with this flexible, integrated online system
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Let us take the complexity out of payments and handle them efficiently so you can focus on running your business



Your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) are your account number and sort code written in a standard, internationally recognised format.
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EFT BACS and Faster Payments

Whether your business needs to make same day or out-of-hours payments, or receive regular sterling payments, we've got a range of services to suit you.
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International payments

Whether you need to make one-off or regular international payments, you can send your money with confidence using our Priority Payments or SEPA Credit Transfer payment services.
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Receiving international cheques

When your overseas trading partners pay by cheque, you can pay them into your account and access your money quickly using one of our processing services.
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Clearing and foreign currency payments

Take advantage of our expertise and you'll be able to make and receive domestic and global payments with ease. We can help you send money quickly, securely and cost-effectively via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Faster Payments. We can show you how regular payments can be handled efficiently by BACS. We can also provide a foreign exchange service to help you trade competitively.

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Transaction Banking review

Our Transaction Banking review develops a deep understanding of your company’s requirements and works with you to design a successful strategy for business continuity and cashflow management. We can help you find key transaction banking benefits in the short and longer term. This service is available to existing customers, no matter the size or complexity of the organisation.

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Foreign currency

Support for your business when dealing with foreign currency


Foreign exchange risk management

When doing business overseas, we believe it's important to protect profits from the risks that come with fluctuating foreign exchange rates.
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International Business Accounts

If you do business overseas, our choice of specialist account options could give you essential support in key areas such as importing and exporting, foreign currency and international payments.
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