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If you're looking for a safety net to help you manage fluctuations in your cash flow and respond to emergencies, our Business Overdraft could be just the answer.

At a glance

Pay interest only on the amount you use - calculated on a daily basis

An arrangement fee applies when we agree to a arranged overdraft request

Arranged overdraft facility available for a period of 1 to 12 months

Reviewed annually and a renewal fee taken

Available to HSBC Business Current Account customers

Representative EAR* of 14.82% variable

Key benefits

Fees for arranged overdrafts start from GBP25 (Lending is subject to status)

Provides flexible access to more cash flow

Could give your business more room to manoeuvre

Could be ideal for one-off purchases you know you can repay quickly

Easy to arrange for new and existing customers – call us on 0800 731 8932**

Our £15 billion lending fund could be the cash boost to help you realise your ambitions.

Existing customers registered for Business Internet Banking can also apply online***

Arranged overdraft requests

An arranged overdraft request is when you approach us in advance to set up an overdraft for a period of up to 12 months. Margins are individually agreed with you and are added to the Bank of England Base Rate 1. Click here to see our interest rates.

The margin you pay will be re-assessed each time we review your overdraft facility and may change at this time. If it does we will give you notice of this.

An arrangement fee applies when we agree an arranged overdraft. The facility is normally reviewed annually and a renewal fee taken if it is renewed.

In some cases, security will be required to arrange an arranged overdraft.

For details of our fees and charges, please see our Business Banking Price List

Unarranged overdraft requests

An unarranged overdraft request is when you authorise a payment that would take your account overdrawn or beyond your arranged limit without agreeing in advance, an overdraft to cover the payment.

We will always consider an unarranged request and will try to be supportive. However, if we are not able to agree to unarranged overdraft and a payment is returned, we may charge you a fee for returning the payment, in line with our Business Banking Price list. 

For unarranged overdrafts where you have an existing formally agreed limit and go over this limit, we will charge interest at the rate we have agreed with you on balances up to your facility limit and will charge our Business Standard Debit Interest Rate on any balance over your arranged agreed limit.

Where you have no existing arranged overdraft limit, we will charge our Business Standard Debit Interest Rate on all debit balances. Click here to see our interest rates

If you anticipate you may want to make frequent unarranged overdraft requests, it will be cheaper for you to apply in advance for an arranged overdraft.

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