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Whether you need to make one-off or regular international payments, you can send your money with confidence using our Priority Payments or SEPA Credit Transfer payment services.

At a glance

  • Make payments in sterling and other tradeable currencies
  • Safe and secure ways to send money overseas
  • Easily manage payments through HSBCnet
  • Expert support and information available
  • Choice of two services to suit your specific needs

Priority Payments for fast international payments

  • Fastest and most secure HSBC international payment service
  • Ideal for sending higher value international payments
  • Send money securely to less developed countries
  • Real-time gross settlement system (RTGS 'Target') manages euro payments across Europe

SEPA Credit Transfers for cheaper payments across the EEU

  • Send payments in euros to over 30 European countries
  • Convenient non-priority service - beneficiary receives funds the day after your account is debited
  • BIC and IBAN validation/conversion tool to help you send payments
  • Electronic updates for both you and your beneficiary

Make regular international payments?

If you send money abroad on a regular basis, a Foreign Currency Account could be ideal for you. It can be easier and cheaper than setting up and managing an account in a foreign country. Plus, as accounts are available in all tradeable currencies, you avoid the cost and risks of foreign exchange. Find out more

Important information

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Whether trading at home or overseas, it is vital to find out as much as possible about potential trading partners.


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