International Subsidiary Banking


Your banking services should always be working to boost the success of your business’ global subsidiary presence. That is why we are here, ready to put the full power of the HSBC network and its expertise behind your international growth ambitions.


As a key strategic global financial centre, the UK attracts all type of multinational companies. Flexible, open, welcoming and perfectly situated, this nation really does offer advantage and opportunity to those looking to trade or invest effectively - inwardly or outwardly.

Part of that success is due to the cultivation and support of business relationships, this being a fundamental principle at the very heart of what we do at HSBC. Companies can benefit from a peerless range of products and services, backed by exceptional talent and experience.

Across both your parent and subsidiary operations, that close partnership can give you the vital security, tools and knowledge needed in this ever-evolving business environment.

We are your dedicated partner, always working to help you drive, optimise and achieve your business ambitions.

Cora McLaren, Head of International Subsidiaries Banking for HSBC

Supporting your global ambitions

  • Your ISB team

    A team structured to mirror the way you work, across both parent and subsidiary levels – with dedicated contacts globally and locally
  • Tailored solutions

    Mapped to your global needs to provide greater cost efficiencies, better use of working capital and help in reducing cross-border risks
  • Consistent, fair service

    Recognising you as a global business, we can offer a consistent service to you and your subsidiaries
  • HSBCnet

    A ground-breaking central technology platform to help manage your finances in real time, giving you optimal control over your global cash position
  • Global connectivity

    Benefit from our unrivalled global presence, access local market insights and make the right connections to help you grow your business

Welcome to International Subsidiary Banking

Our ISB proposition provides dedicated contacts, both in the home market in the UK and in the overseas market that enables us to provide a consistent service that takes account of the client’s global requirements.

"The UK has long been a trading hub. You can do business with Beijing as easily as New York, thanks to its business-friendly time zone.”

Steve Sherratt
Head of International Subsidiary Banking, Midlands & North UK

Identify growth opportunities and enter new markets in ASEAN

As you look to grow your business in ASEAN, HSBC can help you manage the challenges of operating internationally.

Watch our video to discover how HSBC’s Regional Desk Network is there to empower your business ambitions.

Open your doors to new markets

If you’re looking to expand your horizons overseas, our International Business Guides can give you the insight and information you need to enter new markets with confidence.

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