Protecting and controlling how you do business

From visibility of your finances to managing trade transactions, our range of solutions can help you safely drive your business forward.

Financing and protecting UK, import & export trade

Stay in control of your finances and protect your business with a range of bespoke solutions.


Choose how much funding to use.


Bespoke solutions to help you trade with confidence.


Use guarantees to support your supply chain and growth opportunities.

Strengthen trade and customer relationships

Get the control and visibility you need to maintain strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

Minimising Risk

Stay in control of your customer relationships.

Trade Expertise

Access to international specialists.


Leverage HSBC's global reach and financial strength.

Managing cashflow across your supply chain

Take control of your cash flow as you grow your business at home and overseas.

Visibility & Control

View all your trade facilities in one place.

Ease of Use

Access your facility when you need it.


Manage your overseas transactions.

Solutions that help you trade safely and successfully

Whatever the aims of your business, we have the products and solutions to help you achieve them. Browse our collections to find out how.

Invoice Discounting

Want to raise cash against invoices while keeping control of your sales ledger? With this service, you could improve your cash flow and even protect your business against bad debts.

Export Letters of Credit

If you export goods, you can trade securely in the knowledge that you will receive payment - as long as you present documentation that satisfies the pre-agreed conditions.

Export Collections

Export Collections are a trusted and reliable method of getting paid for your exports, providing more security than dealing directly with your buyer.

Import Letters of Credit

If you import goods, protect both yourself and your supplier with an Import Letter of Credit, a secure payment method for settling international trade transactions.

Import Collections

If you're looking for a secure and cost-effective way to trade with confidence, Import Collections let you pay your supplier after your goods have been shipped.

Insights to help you optimise and control your business

Top tips for tackling late payments

Late payments can be a challenge at the best of times, but when business is uncertain and cash flow is squeezed, getting paid on time is critical.

Building a robust supply chain

A resilient supply chain is an essential support for your growing business, but with recent shocks exposing fragility, how can you shore up your supply chain to prepare for growth?

How to boost your working capital

We've all heard the old saying, 'cash is king' but, as all successful businesses know, what really counts is how efficiently cash flows through your business.

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