Adapting your business to Brexit

Navigating Brexit

New trade terms came into force between the UK and EU on 1 January 2021.

As a bank deeply rooted in the UK, with a strong European and global footprint, HSBC is ready to provide the guidance, continuity and stability you need to operate your business. However Brexit has affected your business, stay up to date with the latest insights from our experts and guidance for navigating the new trading environment.

Our unique presence

With a network across Europe, we can help you manage the ongoing impact of Brexit on your business.

  • HSBC is the partner of choice for 6,500 multinationals in Europe
  • EEA entities in key locations – HSBC France and HSBC Germany and treasury centres in Ireland and Netherlands
  • HSBC has a distinct network in Europe – We reach 34 markets and we have a physical presence in 19
  • European coverage – Our network covers 99% of European payment flows and 90% of global trade flows.
  • Over 50,000 staff in Europe – Including 1,300 dedicated trade professionals and 700 liquidity and cash management experts supporting client needs.

New opportunities in Europe

How can you take advantage of the EU trade opportunities now the Brexit transition is complete?

Make Brexit your threshold to new growth potential, urges Ian Tandy, HSBC UK’s Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance.

Open your doors to new markets

If you’re looking to expand your horizons overseas, our International Business Guides can give you the insight and information you need to enter new markets with confidence.

How Candy Hero turned Brexit risk into opportunity

With half its customer base in EU member states, Candy Hero faced Brexit with understandable trepidation. Enquiring minds and a dynamic approach, however, have helped the business find a solution that delivers long-term benefits

Get your business Tomorrow Ready

We understand that change is often difficult. Brexit presents new challenges and opportunities, so many UK businesses are going to have to adapt to a new different. Whether your ambitions lie at home or overseas, HSBC is equipped to help you understand how negotiations could affect your business – with webinars, articles and support available through the Tomorrow Ready programme.

The way we conduct business has changed

Now the transition period is complete, the UK has left the single market and customs union. Find out more about the ways your business may continue to be impacted by these changes, and sign up for further updates.

Useful links

New rules apply to things like travel and doing business with Europe. Use the Brexit checker to get a personalised list of actions for you, your business and your family.

We know that you may have some questions about how Brexit may affect you and your banking and wealth services, including borrowing, saving and investing and insurance and travel money. This page contains useful information to guide you through the impact of Brexit.

As the global organisation that deals with the rules of trade between nations, the aim of the WTO is to ensure that trade flows as freely as possible. Here you can access information on WTO agreements between the majority of the world’s trading nations.

Through research, analysis and lobbying, the BCC’s goal is to provide practical information on what Brexit means for businesses. Their business Brexit checklist has been created to help companies plan for the future.

Calling for a trading relationship that allows businesses to focus on growth, on R&D and on innovation – the CBI acts as a voice for UK businesses. Their website contains useful resources on the major issues that impact businesses.

The DIT has a UK and global focus on international trade and investment and free trade. From checking UK trade tariffs to understanding existing UK trade agreements with non-EU countries they have a wealth of information to help businesses navigate Brexit.


The AHDB provides the latest news, insights, government guidance and technical advice for the agri-food industry to help the sector’s businesses navigate the impact of Brexit.

As the collective voice for the finance and banking industry, UK Finance offers guides, FAQs, a 10-point checklist and toolkit to help you consider your Brexit funding requirements, finance options, and the implications this will have on your business.

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Get the latest insights and find practical tips to navigate Brexit now the transition period is complete.

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