Get your business Brexit-ready

Through evolving times for Europe, you can rely on HSBC for continuity, stability and support for your business
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The UK’s vote to leave the European Union creates regulatory, operational and financial implications for businesses. As a bank deeply rooted in the UK, with a strong European and global footprint, HSBC is ready to provide the guidance, continuity and stability you need to get your business Brexit-ready. Access updates on Brexit negotiations, get guidance on how to prepare your business and hear the latest insights from our experts.

A business ally through Brexit and beyond

In unpredictable times, HSBC’s support is one thing businesses can depend on – before, during and after the Brexit process - says Ian Tandy, HSBC UK’s Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance

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Brexit checklist for businesses

Our handy guide lists some of the main impacts of Brexit and how your business can prepare.

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Our unique European presence

With a network across Europe, we can help you plan for and mitigate the impact of Brexit.

  • HSBC is the partner of choice for 6,500 multinationals in Europe
  • EEA entities in key locations – HSBC France and HSBC Germany and treasury centres in Ireland and Netherlands
  • HSBC has a distinct network in Europe – We reach 34 markets and we have a physical presence in 19
  • European coverage – Our network covers 99% of European payment flows and 90% of global trade flows.
  • Over 50,000 staff in Europe – Including 1,300 dedicated trade professionals and 700 liquidity and cash management experts supporting client needs.

It’s never too early to start planning

Uncertainty remains – On 23 March 2018, political agreement was reached between the UK and the EU on a transition period until 31 December 2020 before the final trade arrangements commence. The conditions of the future trade agreement may remain uncertain until the end of this period.

Time is of the essence – If the Brexit withdrawal agreement is not agreed or not ratified by 29 March 2019, the UK will exit the Single Market and the Customs Union on 29 March 2019, which is often called a 'hard' Brexit, without any transition period.

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Open your doors to new markets

If you’re looking to expand your horizons overseas, our International Business Guides can give you the insight and information you need to enter new markets with confidence.

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5 steps to Brexit readiness – how we can help


Key considerations
Have you started planning?
Are you in the analysis stage?
Are you still exploring options or is your plan finalised?
Have you already cross-checked your plan with your external partners?

How we can help
Analysis of the financial impacts for your sector.
Risk management during and after the Brexit implementation period.


Key considerations
Are you considering structural changes such as your treasury location, supply chain or product distribution?
Have you budgeted any change for 2018/19?
Do you need help to implement these changes?

How we can help
Identify changes to your relationship with HSBC due to the impact of Brexit on financial services.


Key considerations
Is your Finance team interested in discussing early changes with our HSBC product teams?
Have you budgeted any change for 2018/19?
Have you already integrated the need for you to onboard onto a different HSBC country balance sheet?

How we can help
Streamline onboarding operations and legal re-papering.


Key considerations
Do you plan for a piecemeal implementation: product by product and location by location over an extended period of time?
Would you prefer implementing changes to all your financial products in all countries at once?
What are your preferences in terms of language or HSBC team location?

How we can help
Agree on a Brexit plan to meet your needs as much as possible.


Key considerations
If France, for example, is not your best option to book your financial products, what would be a viable alternative?
What location is your best option to book your financial products?

How we can help
Explain how HSBC will ensure continuity of service in Europe.
Understand your needs and concerns and address them.

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