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Last year, in partnership with WIRED Consulting we set up the Trailblazer Programme to shine a light on innovative, mid-sized businesses that are leading the way in delivering positive economic and societal outcomes. WIRED's 75 Trailblazers, chosen from five UK regions, aim to solve a clear and compelling need, from improving data connectivity, cybersecurity and access to healthcare, to tackling global food shortages and climate change. In 2022, we brought together these Trailblazers across a series of regional events to create a platform in which to share their stories and experiences. Here we share some of their insights and tips on building business and personal resilience.


How to build a more sustainable business

How to build a more sustainable business

Operational pressures can make embedding sustainability into business processes feel out of reach. But following our recent WIRED Trailblazer's initiative, HSBC UK's Robert King offers practical, actionable tips to make your business model more sustainable.

Illustrations by Fabio Buonocore

Professional discussing AI for businesses.

How can AI supercharge your scale-up?

Everyone's talking about the power of AI, but many businesses struggle to implement it into day-to-day operations. As part of a recent WIRED Trailblazer's initiative, we explore practical tips for integrating AI solutions from the ground up while measuring and safeguarding its productivity impact.

Illustrations by Fabio Buonocore

 How to level up in a downturn

How to level up in a downturn

Growing a business in a turbulent economic environment is tough but the ability to adapt rapidly to market conditions can give smaller businesses an edge. But how else can they thrive in today’s environment? As part of the WIRED Trailblazers initiative, successful business leaders share their lessons on growing in challenging times.


AI has set the business world ablaze, sparking a debate about its impact on jobs and future industries. In our recent Future Trailblazers webinar co-hosted by WIRED Consulting, we explored the latest AI trends and thinking. Hear what Greg Williams, WIRED's Deputy Global Editorial Director, has to say about AI. And how experimenting with it can help you to identify the benefits and limitations.
In a fast-moving economic environment, what's on the horizon for the UK economy? During our recent Future Trailblazers webinar co-hosted by WIRED Consulting, HSBC UK's Will Turner and Peter McIntyre explored the economic outlook for the year ahead and what it means for UK businesses.
Technology offers exciting growth possibilities, but what lessons can your business learn from other entrepreneurs? During our recent Future Trailblazers webinar, co-hosted by WIRED Consulting, HSBC UK's Jagdeep Rai chats with virtual world pioneer Improbable's Peter Lipka about how their metaverse business achieved rapid scale.
What is the secret to breakout growth? In our recent Future Trailblazer's webinar, co-hosted by WIRED Consulting, HSBC UK's Tom Wood caught up with Michelle Kennedy, founder of Peanut, a unique social media safe space for women at every life stage. Tune in to hear her remarkable entrepreneurial story.
Sustainability is a crucial focus of today's economy. But how can small businesses actually deliver green solutions while unlocking innovation? In our recent seminar co-hosted with WIRED Consulting, HSBC UK's Robert King spoke with two leading SMEs to discover solutions, and bust myths, for leaders seeking to deliver real change.
Resilience is essential for any ambitious entrepreneur, but what does it mean in practice? During our recent Future Trailblazer’s webinar, co-hosted with WIRED Consulting, HSBC UK’s Stuart Tait heard from Tom Beahon of premium sportswear brand Castore on the determination and grit needed to build a successful challenger business.

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