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Designed to make investing in sustainable solutions more accessible and rewarding for businesses

Key benefits

Get 1% cashback on the loan value*.

For loans of £25k and below a Representative 7.1% APR*** applies. Lending is subject to credit status.

Available to UK SMEs with a group annual turnover of up to £25m.

90% of the loan proceeds must be applied in alignment to one of the categories in our Green SME Fund Eligibility Guide.

Eligibility criteria and T & Cs apply.

Available for your business subject to you using loan proceeds to finance a range of green activities and to make your business more sustainable**.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability with investment in green projects.

Meet changing customer demands by boosting your green credentials.

For loans of £25k and below a Representative 7.1% APR** applies.

Lending is subject to credit status

Products available through the fund include: Flexible Business Loan, Commercial Mortgage, Property Development Loan, Recovery Loan Scheme, Small Business Loan and Asset Finance including: Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Asset Loan.

A variety of different applications of your loan might be eligible for cashback, including those listed below. These categories are indicative and capture the most commonly used types of green projects.

  1. Renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, waste, heat pumps, transmission and distribution lines)
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Pollution prevention or control
  4. Environmental sustainable management of living natural resources and land use
  5. Terrestrial and biodiversity conservation
  6. Clean / sustainable transport
  7. Sustainable water and water waste management
  8. Waste management
  9. Climate change adaptation
  10. Eco-efficient circular economy
  11. Green buildings or developments

You can find more information in our Green SME Fund Eligibility Guide.

Important information

Interest rates

Interest rates

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Appeals for borrowing

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The Standards of Lending for Business customers

The Standards of Lending Practice for Business customers

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Check your green eligibility

Find more details about eligible projects or activities in our Green SME Fund Eligibility Guide.

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