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Asset Finance can help your business access the equipment, vehicles or technology it needs to grow. Our finance options allow you to avoid large upfront investments, spread your costs and manage your cashflow more effectively. We explain how asset finance can work effectively for your business. You can:
Fund new assets, replace old ones or expand your operation
Access equipment to support your net zero goals
Take advantage of tailored solutions for a range of asset finance requirements

How HSBC solutions can benefit your business

Maintain your cash flow

Structure your capital expenditure programme through Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Operating Lease or Asset Loan

Tailored solutions

For commercial vehicles, IT hardware and software and for more complex asset finance requirements

Dedicated team

Our team can offer guidance on how to use asset finance

Net zero

Access the equipment you need to support your transition to net zero

Check your eligibility

Asset Finance, also known as Equipment Finance, is available to businesses with an anticipated annual capex spend of typically £100k or more.

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Types of HSBC Asset Finance

Tailored solutions (Funding specialist asset classes)

How are businesses using HSBC Asset Finance?

Coatham Coaches (PDF, 562KB)

This family business is on road to net zero with the first electric coach in the northeast, which is estimated to save 100,000 kg of Co2 per year. Coatham Coaches is already planning to buy a further four electric coaches by the end of 2024.

Deralam Laminates Limited (PDF, 664KB)

Deralam Laminates Limited is using CapEx investment to support the journey to net-zero, with a Biomass Boiler & Solar Panels enabling a more efficient and long-term low-cost carbon reducing solution.

Ivor King (PDF, 963KB)

Ivor King is harnessing the sun’s power by installing 374 solar panels across its facility in Nuneaton, set to create around 30 jobs. It is just one of their key steps in the journey to becoming even more sustainable as an organisation.

Ocean Fish Group (PDF, 801KB)

The Ocean Fish Group uses CapEx investment to modernise the company’s fishing fleet as well as boost growth, which is to create up to 50 full-time positions.

Sigmatex UK Ltd (PDF, 594KB)

An energy intensive manufacturing business, Sigmatex made CapEx investment to reduce its carbon footprint and energy costs, whilst supporting employees with transition to net-zero through salary sacrifice employee benefit for electric vehicles (EVs).

Green SME Fund

The Green SME Fund is a key part of our commitment to support businesses of all sizes by helping them invest in sustainable solutions and transition and thrive in a low carbon economy.

Lending is subject to status eligibility criteria and T&C’s apply.

Green Asset Finance

The Green Asset Finance product facilitates the financing of green assets through hire purchase, commercial loan, finance lease and operating lease.

Lending is subject to status.

Your Relationship Manager can advise you of the benefits and uses of Green Asset Finance.

Streamline your sustainability journey with a Sustainability Tracker

From generating actionable recommendations, to helping you understand how you compare to similar businesses, our Sustainability Tracker can give you the tools to measure, plan, implement and track your sustainability progress.

Today we finance a number of industries that significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. We have a strategy to help our customers to reduce their emissions and to reduce our own. For more information click here.

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