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Securely access and manage your business accounts, with a passcode or biometrics, from the palm of your hand.

At a glance

  • Scan and instantly deposit cheques securely to save you time
  • View your balances and recent transactions, including next day transactions on all your HSBC UK business accounts
  • Log on, make payments and authorise changes with your Digital Security Device
  • View and download business current and savings account statements
  • Instantly view your Business Card PIN for linked cards.
  • In-app support provided via our Chat with us service

Key benefits

Save time by scanning and securely depositing your cheques

Control your finances on the move with access to your business accounts on up to 3 mobile devices

Log in, make payments and confirm changes without having to use your physical Security Device

Block, report your business cards as lost or stolen, or replace damaged cards

Getting started

Download the app

Visit the App Store® or GooglePlay® store to download the HSBC UK Business Banking app now.



We have verified the compatibility of these mobile devices and their most recent operating systems for use with the HSBC UK Business Banking mobile app. To ensure that you get optimal use of the services available in this mobile app, update your smartphone's operating system regularly.


Easy to log in

The app gives you the choice of how you log in – either with your passcode or biometrics if you it set up.

With your passcode

You can log on to the HSBC UK Business Banking app using your 6 digit passcode which you set up when you first set up the app.

With biometrics

For an even easier way to log on, you can set up biometrics on your Apple device and use Touch or Face ID. From your Android device you can set up Fingerprint ID.


Get the HSBC UK Business Banking app

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Biometric logon

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