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International franchising

With a global network we are uniquely placed to connect customers to opportunities as they expand internationally. Whether you're looking to bring your franchise to the UK or to franchise your UK business overseas, we can leverage that network to provide the connections, guidance, knowledge and introductions you need to succeed.

Support for overseas franchisors and their UK franchisees

However big your business, moving into a new market presents unique challenges, not least making the right connections.

We can give you access to our network in the UK, introducing you to potential franchisees with the right skills and attitudes to help you grow your business here.

What's more, our global network of experts is in constant dialogue and can help you understand how your franchise might transfer from your home market to the UK.

If you're an international franchisor with a strong track record in this country, we'd support you the same way as we would a UK franchisor. However, if you're a less well-known international brand looking to establish a franchise business in the UK, our international team can help you in the early stages of your franchise development.

With a broad range of experience in helping international franchisors get established in the UK, we can provide the specialist support both you and your franchisees are looking for:

  • expert guidance
  • local knowledge
  • market insights
  • introductions to relevant professionals and agencies
  • financial support.

As the new franchise system develops and your pilot operation gets underway, we can work closely with you and your prospective franchise partners in the UK to develop suitable finance packages.

Support for UK franchisors seeking to expand overseas

If you're looking to franchise your UK business overseas, we are well placed to help.

Through our extensive franchising expertise, gained from working across global markets, we have the breadth and depth of experience to help you expand your business overseas.

Our unique global network means that we have contacts on the ground in countries worldwide that could introduce you to potential franchisees, help you understand the local market and access the right financing.

Indeed, leveraging that global network, we've been able to introduce UK franchisors to contacts in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and even the Far East.

International support is provided on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the sector and the nature of your business, we may be able to provide overseas accounts, supply chain activity, exchange rate protection and financial support for your franchisees in addition to expert guidance, local knowledge and introductions to relevant professionals and agencies.

For more details, please call or email our franchise team.

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