HSBC Global Wallet

Ready for an easier way to make cross-border payments? With the award-winning HSBC Global Wallet, you can pay and receive ‘like a local’ as if you were in the same country as your customer or supplier.

HSBC Global Wallet Factsheet

Growing internationally brings unlimited opportunities. Now you can give your payments the same freedom.


The Payments Awards recognise and celebrate companies which have demonstrated excellence and innovation in the payments space. 

When HSBC Global Wallet was awarded B2B Payments Innovation of the Year 2021, we were the only bank on the shortlist, alongside seven FinTech companies.

Key benefits

Pay, receive, hold and manage currencies in one place, with your everyday banking

Grow and accelerate your business in new markets with confidence

All your currencies, all in one place. No hassle, no multiple accounts and logins

Grow your business

Whether you’re paying Euros to Europe, receiving Australian Dollars from Australia, or holding Japanese Yen to pay another time, HSBC Global Wallet makes it easy to pay and get paid in the local currencies of your suppliers and customers.

Say ‘yes’ to new opportunities around the world, without needing to open a bank account in that currency or country.


Maximise your visibility and cash flow as you view, hold and manage all your currencies on a single platform, integrated with your business banking account and aligned with the way you work.


HSBC Global Wallet payments are made using trusted local payment systems, so they can be faster than other methods, often arriving the same day. And they’re less likely to be hit by unexpected fees from intermediary and beneficiary banks along the way.


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