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Our approach

Discover the benefits of having a local expert by your side, with our specialist agriculture managers who are committed to understanding your business from the ground up.


Experience across all industry sectors


Informed and personalised business analysis

Building personal business relationships

Your industry is at the heart of everything we do. As the first ever bank to have specialist agriculture managers who only look after farming businesses, we like to think that we know at least as much about farming as we do about banking.

You’ll find us walking the farm not sitting behind a desk. You’ll also hear us asking questions to deepen our understanding of the unique pressures and challenges you and the industry you are part of face across the country. That understanding allows us to work with you to identify the opportunities that exist for your business within challenging times.

The difference is that we take great pride in our experience across all sectors of the industry - from intensive and extensive cropping to all types of livestock production, as well as protected crops and value added processes. We fully understand that each sector has a different cash cycle, and that every business is different.

To get the most from our working relationship, we assess the viability of your business - because ensuring it successfully achieves its ambitions is its true worth, and your real security. Knowing the cash flow in your business is crucial for protecting your asset base both for you and the generations to come.

How we make an informed assessment of your business:

  • We spend time with you, listening to your needs and understanding the shape of your business
  • We balance your objectives with the opportunity you have based on the resources at your disposal
  • We analyse how you're applying those resources, and what you might do differently
  • We can then anticipate the future trading performance of the business
  • We work hard to build a strong, ongoing relationship that's based on mutual respect

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