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From term loans and overdrafts to asset finance and personal finance planning, we’ve got a range of flexible short, medium and long-term solutions for your farming business.


Long-term solutions tailored to your business


Day-to-day personal accounts and finances


Funding opportunities and managing risk


Protection from fluctuating economic conditions

Flexible solutions that suit you

Running a farm business doesn't stop at the farmhouse door. Your business is also your home.

Choose from a range of personal accounts and finances for the day to day. However, your farm's well-being impacts everyone linked to it - your family, employees and suppliers, even the wider community.

Discover tailored solutions that work around you, funding the opportunities you need to take as well as manage the risks you face, whether that's buying new land or replacing the tractor, increasing the head of cattle or renovating the grain store.

Take advantage of our expertise and think further ahead. We can help you plan pensions and manage succession to ensure the continued future of the farm.

Guard against economic conditions beyond your control such as exchange rate fluctuations affecting the Single Farm Payment or interest rate increases impacting your costs.

The advantage of working with a specialist agricultural manager is that we're always mindful of cost efficiency, risk management and the flexibility you need for the future - whether short, medium or long-term. Your farm is not a formula for which there is a fixed approach. Put simply, we don't sell you off-the-shelf products; we provide flexible answers to meet your needs.

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Our specialist agriculture managers live and breathe farming. Find out how the tailored way we think about your business can make all the difference to your future performance.

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Our insightful annual farming publication which is a key source of sector and economic insight and sector budgets to allow you to compare and benchmark your business against.

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Taking the Pulse is our regular update on the agriculture industry, exploring the latest developments in key sectors and sharing the views and insights of successful businesses.

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