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Our dedicated team of specialists can help you get more from your business. So if you're ready to make a positive change today, we'll help you make the switch.

Reasons to switch to HSBC Agriculture

If you think it's hard work to change your bank, think again. It's quicker and easier than you might imagine. What's more, our dedicated team of expert specialists may well see and suggest solutions others haven't.

5 ways we can make a difference to your business:

  1. We value your business based on its viability – and therefore its potential so we never lend based simply on assets – better for you as well as us.
  2. We’re interested in long-term, sustainable relationships with our customers – our managers are as knowledgeable about agriculture as they are about finance.
  3. We continue to invest in the industry and in our teams making sure they are the best connected agriculture managers in the sector.
  4. We were the first bank to see that farming needed managers of its own - our agriculture division has been part of the farming community for around 50 years.
  5. We are part of one of the best capitalised banking groups in the world, giving you the stability and security you need from your bank.

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