Prepare for exporting and Brexit

Whether you are experienced in international trade or looking to expand overseas, it’s important to stay abreast of developments, changing trade agreements and Brexit rules so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

Be positive and persevere. This isn’t the first business I’ve tried to expand internationally. The success has been down to positive thinking and hard work.

Dan Marsden, Co-founder, Lounge Underwear
Case Study

Reborn in the USA

For marketing services business adm Group, capturing the US market was a natural step. The process wasn’t always smooth, but five years on, the benefits are clear.


Trading with China – what you need to know

Considering expanding your business into China, but unsure of the opportunities and challenges it presents? Alice Du, Head of China Desk, HSBC UK addresses some key questions that may help.

Case Study

A successful operation

UK manufacturer Brandon Medical is achieving enviable growth in some of the world’s most challenging markets.


Exporting: A How-To Guide in partnership with MAKE UK

Looking to take your first steps into exporting but not sure where to start? Make UK in partnership with HSBC UK have produced this simple step-by-step guide to help you make the most of global opportunities.

Navigator: focus on international trade

Our most recent Navigator report shows that, despite Brexit uncertainty, UK businesses remain upbeat about international trade. Although most businesses feel international trade has become more difficult, 68% are positive about their trade prospects for the next 1-2 years. You can find out more about attitudes to international trade and the markets UK businesses are targeting in the full Navigator report.


End to end funding unlocks growth opportunity for Star Tissue

When UK manufacturer Star Tissue saw an opportunity to invest for growth to meet market demand, an integrated trade and asset finance solution provided the perfect funding combination.


Life After Brexit webinar – Focus on Northern Ireland

Listen to our webinar focusing on Northern Ireland, which explored how the Northern Ireland Protocol is working in practice and provided insights on key topics, including goods at risk, Rules of Origin and VAT rules.


Life After Brexit webinar

Listen to our ‘Life After Brexit’ webinar. Our panel examine the impacts of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and discuss some of the considerations companies in the UK are having to make to keep goods moving in and out of the UK.


Exporting readiness tool

As businesses start to look beyond recovery, exporting can offer a range of new opportunities. But what’s the best approach and is your business ready to step across the border?


Intrepid exporters

Get valuable insights and find out how our export experts and unrivalled global network can help you expand your horizons. You can also view our case study videos to hear how businesses like yours have explored opportunities overseas.


US acquisition – key learnings from overseas growth

Expanding overseas may be daunting, but the rewards can be impressive. Tony Conophy, Group Finance Director at Computacenter, and Jim Tindol, Vice President, Finance, Computacenter US, share their experience of the US market and their key learnings.


How to streamline your trade

Businesses can access great opportunities trading overseas, but it can also lengthen your trade cycle and place additional strain on your cash flow. Watch our video to find out how our trade solutions can help you manage your cash flow more effectively.


Managing your risk trading overseas

Trading overseas can offer great opportunities for your business, but it can also increase your risk. Watch our video to find out how our trade solutions can help you manage that risk and benefit from international trade.


Trading in a post-transition world

The end of the Brexit transition period brings frictionless trade between the UK and the EU to an end. For some businesses that already trade globally and are used to tariff and non-tariff barriers, this may be something they’re already familiar with.


The lowdown on trade agreements

Trade agreements are a hot topic as the UK adjusts to life outside the EU, but why are they important, what is the potential impact of negotiations and why does it matter for your business?


Cementing the special relationship – UK/US Free Trade Agreement

As negotiations on the UK/US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) continue, the UK’s Chief Negotiator, Oliver Griffiths, took some time out of his busy schedule to join our October Trade webinar and share some insight on the objectives of the negotiations, the process itself and where the opportunities lie for UK businesses.

Case Study

A journey to export success

Careful analysis of target markets and appointing a dedicated team are vital to the international success of Green Sheep Group.


From bedroom start up to multinational distribution

Top customer service, exclusive products and rock-solid international relationships helped Merlin Cycles go from bedroom start-up to selling in 40 countries.


Exports drive growth for Xtrutech

Quality engineering services, a network of contacts and a wealth of experience saw high demand for Staffordshire-based Xtrutech’s products and services. Meeting that demand whilst managing the company’s cashflow proved challenging, but the right funding has supported the company’s ongoing growth.

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Trade Academy – Guarantees

Watch our HSBC Trade Academy Guarantees webinar to find out how you and your organisation can use HSBC’s Guarantees effectively and efficiently to help open up new opportunities in the global marketplace.

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Trade Academy: boost your international trade skills

From guarantees to documentary credit, international trade brings new processes and potentially different challenges. Led by HSBC experts, our Trade Academy aims to make trade easier and help you maximise the benefits of trade finance.

International business guides

If you’re looking to expand your operations into new markets, our international insights can help connect you to opportunities. Find out how trading in or with these destinations could help boost the future growth of your enterprise.

Export Resource Centre

Whatever stage you’re at in your bid to crack international markets, information is key. We’re here to empower you with the insights, tips and case studies you need to expand.

Brexit hub

With the deadline approaching, you need to consider the impact of Brexit on your business and take practical steps to prepare. Our dedicated Brexit hub provides the guidance you need to be ready for doing business after Brexit.

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