Business account closure

On behalf of HSBC UK, we would like to thank you for banking with us and hope that we can help you with your finances again in the future.

How do I close my account?

You can close your account by using the account closure form below. Please fill in all of the details and print once completed. If you don’t complete all of the sections, it might take us longer to close your account.

If the account/s had a debit card and chequebook, you'll need to cut them up and return these too.

What could delay the closure of my account?

Debit Balances

Your account cannot be closed with a debit balance outstanding. We can arrange payment of borrowing, from another HSBC account in your name on this form, but if repayment needs to come from another source this must be completed before submission of this form.

Transfer of balances

We can transfer your balance to another account by electronic bank transfer, there will be a charge. The account does not need to have the same business name, and this is the quickest and easiest way for any money to be moved.


The account closure form must be signed by all authorised signatories in accordance with your bank mandate.

Product Closure

If there is a specific product that you wish to close, please use our Need help? tab for more information

How do I access the account closure form?

The Business Account Closure form can be found here (PDF, 98KB).

(See attached PDF) - This form uses a pop-up feature to give you additional information, so make sure you have the latest version of your PDF software installed to see these. This also works best when viewed on a computer.

Transaction history

Once you've closed your account, the online statement history will no longer be available. You may wish to print or download any statements before closing your account to ensure your records are complete. If you don’t give us a preference, we’ll send all the statements within 10 working days of closing the account. Please note there may be exceptions that prevent us from providing this information.

  • Transaction history provided at account closure
    Once we've closed your account, we'll provide your transaction history (free of charge) covering a period of up to 5 years. We're not required to provide transaction history relating to any payment transaction that occurred 5 or more years prior to the date of account closure.

    In most circumstances we'll send this to you within 10 working days of your account closing. If you'd like to opt out of this service or request transaction history for less than 5 years, please let us know when you contact us to close your account.
  • Transaction history up to 5 years after account closure
    You may request transaction history if you've closed your account within the previous 5 years. We'll normally be able to provide you with a transaction history covering a period of up to 5 years.

    If you no longer hold an account with us, we may firstly ask you to send us identification documentation. Once this is received, in most cases we'll send you statements by post within 10 working days.