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Taking your business overseas - where should you start?

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Exporting offers huge opportunities for you to reach new markets and spread your risk. From adapting your products to researching markets, we take you through the key steps to trading successfully overseas.

The benefits of exporting

The benefits of exporting

Making the move overseas can bring real benefits to your business but where do you begin?

1. Start from a good place

Start from a good place

Assess how ready you are to start exporting with our Export Readiness Tool.

2. Is your product or service right for overseas markets?

Your product or service may be performing well in the UK, but can you translate that success into a new market? Ask yourself:

Is your product or service right for overseas markets?

3. Do your homework

Thorough research can help you identify the right markets for your product and services, build a robust export plan and prevent costly mistakes later on. You can conduct this research in different ways:

Do your homework
What should you research?

4. Market entry options

Your research into potential markets will help inform decisions about the best route to access your chosen market.

There are several options, each with its own pros and cons:

Market entry options

To find out more about selling direct or appointing a 3rd party, click here

Find out whether an agent or distributor would work best for your business

Other options

Licensing or franchising

To find out more about licencing or franchising overseas, click here

Setting up an overseas operation

To find out more about setting up an overseas operation, click here

5. Marketing and selling overseas

A good website can be your shop window to the world and social media can reach tens of thousands of customers in new markets.

Marketing and selling overseas

6. Finance

Ensuring you have appropriate financial controls in place to secure payment and manage currency volatility can help take a lot of the risk out of exporting.

Securing payments
Managing currency volatility
Whatever stage you are at

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