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Cash Flow Academy: Effective visibility

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HSBC have worked in partnership with KPMG to deliver our Cash Flow Academy series to support businesses through these uncertain and volatile times. This collection of bite-sized tutorial videos has been created to help you focus and be more proactive in your cash management position.

Lee Swinerd, Managing Director in KPMG UK’s Restructuring Team, provides some pointers on effective governance around cash and working capital, looking at how visibility, clear accounting and responsibilities, staff capability and having the correct controls in place can help ensure your business has a good cash culture.


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Sarah Gulliver and Liz Ness from KPMG UK’s Tax Team cover a range of top tips across direct and indirect tax.

Next video: Round up and top tips

Lee Swinerd wraps up the Cash Flow Academy Series with a summary of key takeaways on effective cash and working capital management.

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