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Cash Flow Academy: Cash flow forecasting

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HSBC have worked in partnership with KPMG to deliver our Cash Flow Academy series to support businesses through these uncertain and volatile times. This collection of bite-sized tutorial videos has been created to help you focus and be more proactive in your cash management position.

Angela Young, Associate Director in the Cash and Working Capital Team at KPMG in the UK, provides an introduction to cash flow forecasting – an essential part of maintaining a stable liquidity position in any business – covering the different types of cash flow forecast, the six key elements that make a good forecast and the importance of variance analysis.


Previous video: Welcome to the Cash Flow Academy

In this first video, Rick Harrison, Partner at KPMG in the UK, introduces you to the programme, the modules ahead and the experts you will hear from in the series.

Next video: Working capital management

In this two-part module, Nathan McCarthy, Director in the Cash and Working Capital Team at KPMG UK, takes you through the core principles of effective working capital management.

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