01 April 2018

Six of the best podcasts for women in business

More women than ever are starting and running their own small business. According to Prowess (the online hub for women-friendly business support): “The increase in the number of women in the UK becoming self-employed is unprecedented. Historically, women have made up just over a quarter of the self-employed, but since 2008, 58% of the newly self-employed have been female.”

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Women now account for almost a third of self-employed people in the UK (about 1.5m, an increase of about 300,000 since 2008, according to Prowess). About a fifth of all business owners and managers in the UK are women, with 10% of the adult female population in the UK considering starting their own business. About 5.5% of women in the UK now run their own business (source: The Independent).

A wide variety of podcasts are available to women who start, own or manage a small business. If you're one of them, here are six podcasts you may want to download and listen to.

1. HerBusiness – Insights for Women in Business

Formerly the Australian Businesswomen's Network, HerBusiness is "a membership community that provides training, resources, mentoring and support for women who want to market and grow their business".

Highly experienced digital marketer and women in business champion, Suzi Dafnis, is the organisation's CEO. She hosts the organisation's podcasts, which provide listeners with "great business tips and inspiration from leading women business owners, authors and world-class entrepreneurs". Although the accents are unmistakably Australian, women in business everywhere will be able to relate to the topics discussed and benefit from the insights shared.

2. Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Amoruso is the founder of the online retailer Nasty Gal, whose profile rose significantly after publishing her 2014 business memoir #Girlboss, which became a New York Times bestseller.

For each episode of the Girlboss podcast, Amoruso goes in search of insight by interviewing "boundary-pushing women who've made their mark – eschewing polite conversation and extracting solid advice from the lessons they've learned along the way. Expect hilarious co-hosts and vulnerable, honest conversations you won't hear anywhere else. Conversations that humanize the known, champion the unknown, and laugh a little at the absurdity of life". A host of leading female American entrepreneurs share their wit and wisdom.

3. The One Girl Band Podcast

Hosted by Lola Hoad, Brighton-based "creative business coach for female entrepreneurs", the One Girl Band podcast is for female entrepreneurs and self-employed creatives. It's "filled with real, truthful insights into running a small creative business", and "pep talks from someone who has been in the same boat as you". Some episodes showcase women who have built successful creative-sector businesses, while others are focused purely on delivering practical how-to advice.

4. Changeability

Kathryn Bryant and Julian Illman are the dynamic duo responsible for the award-winning Changeability podcast, which is aimed at those who want to change or improve their life or business. As they explain: "The mechanisms that protect us are the mechanisms that make it hardest to change. Enter Changeability – the ability to change through managing your mind and tactics".

The podcast features discussion and interviews that seek to empower and inspire a "happier, successful life or business" through "practical mind management and change techniques, tactics and tools - taken from the worlds of personal development, psychology, neuroscience, business, sport, entertainment and spirituality".

5. Women Who Create

This fortnightly podcast is hosted by Amy Phipps (small-business owner, author and founder of the Women Who Create UK community, who seeks to "empower creative women to live and work with confidence, clarity and authenticity") and Debbie Clarke (AKA Debbiedoodah, digital coach, brand strategist and co-founder of the Blue Stocking Society women's entrepreneurial network).

They describe their production as a "no-nonsense podcast for women in creative business. Coming to you from Nottingham, UK." They promise "fortnightly interviews and tips with amazing women discussing topics around business, creativity, entrepreneurship and a whole lot of life experiences!"

6. She Means Business

Presented by Carrie Green, author of She Means Business and founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association ("An international hub for female entrepreneurs to get inspired and empowered to turn their ideas into a reality and build successful businesses"), the She Means Business podcast "brings together incredible stories of female entrepreneurs from around the world who are following their hearts, building the business of their dreams and creating the success and abundance they desire".

Carrie also shares her insight, after having built two successful businesses with "no money, no business knowledge, but lots of ambition and determination to figure it out". Aimed at creative, ambitious female entrepreneurs or would-be businesswomen, the podcast promises to provide "the honest, realistic and practical tools you need to follow your heart and create a wildly successful business".

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