International trade

Here you can find inspiration for your international ambitions with case studies, top tips and insight from HSBC experts.

Your ticket to fresh opportunities

Ripe with potential deals, valuable insight and new connections, the International Business Festival is a date no ambitious business will want to miss, says David Beaty, UK Head of Business Banking for HSBC.

Raising the standard: how one company is building a global reputation

Tom Davies Bespoke Opticians is led by a man who epitomises the creativity seen in many British products. He also knows how to make the most of the strong reputation that Brand Britain enjoys in some global markets.

Micro-multinationals – the real winners from Brexit?

As the UK broadens its international trade horizons, will micro-multinationals reap the rewards? We consider the opportunities and what needs to happen to allow businesses of all sizes to grasp them.

Opportunity knocking

The time is now for British Business to be bold and consider exporting. HSBC's Head of Business and Corporate Banking, Global Trade and Receivables Finance UK, Lee Baty, describes a market full of opportunity for small businesses.

Case study: Yr Store

From a London pop-up to New York's Fifth Avenue and beyond, Yr Store is ripping up the rule book for retail fashion and merchandising. How does a start-up hit the international big time? CEO Tim Williams explains.

Case study: Dewhurst

Patience, persistence and a change in processes enabled family firm Dewhurst to gain a foothold in the Middle East.

Financing the supply chain

Leigh Briggs, Regional Director, Corporate Banking, Global Trade and Receivables Finance, looks at the challenges of operating in a global supply chain.

Supply chain management: Our top tips

Robust supply chain management is vital to success, whether trading domestically or internationally. We sought advice for SMEs from a leading academic.

First steps in new territories

Venturing into new markets can bring new customers, a new profile and new revenues. While it may seem a daunting prospect, there's plenty of guidance on hand for small businesses looking to new horizons.

How start-ups and small businesses are expanding their horizons

Moving into overseas markets may seem a growth option only suitable for big or established firms but there's a growing trend of smaller businesses with exporting in their DNAs. Professor Pavlos Dimitratos shares his insight into this phenomenon and what it means for UK businesses.

UAE: A land of opportunities for UK SMEs

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers an increasingly rich vein of opportunity for UK SMEs. We talk to the UK's Department for International Trade representative in Abu Dhabi about success and where to find it.

Trade Exchanges 2017...

Navigating the new Europe

With Brexit negotiations rolling on, the trade landscape is changing fast and UK firms are already adapting.

Brexit and beyond

HSBC’s Trade Exchanges explored both the likely impact of Brexit and opportunities in global markets. Here are the highlights.

Europe deal or no deal

The uncertainty around Brexit continues but there are steps you can take now to get ahead of the game.

China: Finding your way in an ever-evolving commercial landscape

China is a land of opportunity but it can be confusing for the unwary. Experience is on hand to help you make the most of what China has to offer, as delegates at HSBC’s Trade Exchanges discovered.

Realising your American dream

The US offers huge opportunities for UK businesses but how can you plot a route to growth?

The China Forum 2017

Full-tilt transformation

Breakneck change has transformed the picture for British businesses entering the Chinese market.

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