From funding options to improving your eligibility for a business loan, here you will find insights and guides to support you through your growth journey.

United by difference

From the `Veterans' to Gen Z, you can now find five generations side-by-side in the workplace. So, how do you manage the needs and expectations of your 18-year-old recruits and your more `mature' staff?

Get set for the talent deficit

Brexit could lead to feverish competition for talent. How should businesses be planning to attract and keep their best people?

A distillery with a difference

CEO Anderson Bakewell had a vision that a 'social distillery' built with and for the people of Harris could help address the island's economic problems. Managing Director Simon Erlanger tells us how this dream came to fruition, and why he thinks putting sustainability and community at the heart of their mission helped them to secure the funding they needed from HSBC.

Taming the beast

It's a source of joy, but also a “life-consuming beast”. Tom Warner, co-founder of artisan gin producer Warner Edwards, considers the personal highs and lows of building a fast-growing business.

Is the UK ready for a modern industrial strategy?

The Government is pushing ahead with its plans to boost growth and productivity through a new industrial strategy but how easy will it be to deliver this at a local and regional level?

Sharing prosperity for a more productive future

Brexit has shone a light on how different parts of the UK are sharing in its prosperity and it's not flattering. We take a closer look at why prosperity matters and how a more equitable position will drive business and economic benefits.

How to ensure sustainable growth

Growth is crucial to any business, but even more important is sustaining that growth. What steps can you take you to enjoy long-term success?

Funding options for business growth

Funding - internal or external - is a vital part of business growth, but what type of funding do you need when?

How to improve your eligibility for a loan

How do you prepare yourself and your business for the business loan application process?

What can your business use funding for?

What are the aspects of your business that could benefit from an injection of cash?

Blueprint for growth – the strategies that turn small into big

Growth is a sure sign of success, but how does a small company take the next step? Business experts Dr Shai Vyakarnam and Emma Jones discuss the strategies you could be using for each stage of your business life - from start-up to maturity.

Finding the right people

One of the greatest challenges facing businesses is that of finding and retaining the talent that will help them grow and achieve their ambitions. If you can find the right people for your business, you can achieve a real step-change in your development.

People and Productivity: Flexible working

Since 2007, productivity in the UK has plateaued. HSBC UK Commercial Banking has been exploring how businesses can address this challenge. Over three reports we hope to capture the obstacles businesses are facing and show what steps can be taken to overcome them. The first of these takes a closer look at flexible working.

Women in business: networking for growth

Owner and Managing Director of Forward Ladies, Griselda Togobo, talks to us about the challenges of working in a male-dominated engineering sector and what shaped her passion for entrepreneurialism and the women in business agenda.

Fashion with a conscience

Jenny Holloway - CEO of social enterprise Fashion Enter - shares the lessons she has learned from her experience as an entrepreneur - from maintaining business relationships over a long period of time, to knowing when to ask for help.

Growth strategies - taking your business to the next level

Choosing the right strategy to take your business to the next level can be tricky. We take a look at some tried and trusted growth strategies and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Small Business Pop-Up Week

As a small business, getting your name and message out to a wider audience is easier said than done.

That’s why from Monday 27th November, we’re inviting you to set up shop in one of our UK branches.

Find out how you can get involved

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How start-ups and small businesses are expanding their horizons

Moving into overseas markets may seem a growth option only suitable for big or established firms but there's a growing trend of smaller businesses with exporting in their DNAs. Professor Pavlos Dimitratos shares his insight into this phenomenon and what it means for UK businesses.

The business growth journey

Every business is unique and will follow different growth journeys with periods of rapid expansion, consolidation and, possibly, decline. No one journey is the same but most businesses will go through some typical stages as they move from start-up to maturity.

Plan to succeed

Businesses today are operating in changing times but those very changes can offer great opportunities. Putting in place a robust plan can set you on the path to fulfilling your business ambitions.

Case study: Building a world-beater

Cooper Research Technology has grown from a one-man operation to a global leader in its field. MD Peter Grafton explains how it was achieved.

Case study: Look, no hands

For Frog Bikes, global growth took off sooner than expected – obliging the firm to make a swift detour on its growth journey.

Funding for innovation

As well as allowing companies to invest in new equipment, premises or staff, business loans can also enable the R&D and innovation that can help drive growth.

Plotting the route to growth

A smart approach at five key points of your business – some of them often overlooked – can push your profits upwards.

Case study: Barrett steel

Constant investment, value-added services and a flair for reinvention have kept Barrett Steel strong through successive downturns.

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