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Sustainable printing policy template

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In our Small Business Guide to Sustainable Printing, we assessed the impact of the printing process on the sustainability targets of many small businesses.

Working with Climate Action for Associations

We are working with the team at Climate Action for Associations (CAFA) to provide small businesses with practical guidance, steps and checklists to support your low carbon journey. CAFA are dedicated to accelerating business and industry climate action. CAFA provide resources, tools, guidance and peer to peer learning to drive greater, and quicker, climate action across whole systems, industries and supply chains.
This Sustainable Printing Policy Template is one of many straight-talking small business resources prepared by CAFA that we will be sharing to help you implement climate action in your business.

The carbon footprint involved in manufacturing both the paper and the printing cartridges is significant; it can take between 400-1000 years for cartridges to decompose in landfill.

We’ve created this Green Printing Policy Template, designed to help change printing processes in your everyday operations. This can be used as a practical tool to engage and communicate with your employees.

You can download the Sustainable Printing Policy Template here

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