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Finding the right support to start your own business

There are many challenges to starting your own business: overcoming fear of failure, understanding how to translate a good idea into a business plan and finding the right support and mentorship are just a few. For Marcus Francis, cofounder of Enterprising Minds, a Birmingham based business consultancy, guiding people through this challenging process and supporting recruitment businesses is his passion.

Marcus draws on his own career path and life experiences in his work. He began his career in accountancy, but soon realised that this wasn’t where his true interests sat. He then switched to recruitment, where he felt he could make an impact by helping people. After a successful career at a large multinational company, he decided to take a step back so he could prioritise his family and have a better work life balance. Not wanting to retire, and looking for a way to continue to make a difference, he started Enterprising Minds with his wife Sonia Francis. Sonia works with employers and work-based learners on apprenticeship programmes. Together they offer business improvement support, training, and coaching and mentoring services.

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