Whether your aim is to reduce emissions, deliver low carbon solutions or adopt new technologies, it’s important to understand how you can prepare your business and the support that is available in your sector.

Sustainability means something different to every business. At HSBC, it is our long-term strategy to continue delivering for our customers whilst safeguarding the world we live in for future generations – our approach focuses on the three key ESG pillars: Environmental, Social and Governance.

As one of the world’s largest banking and financial service organisations, we are committed to leading the way to a sustainable future and recognise the critical role that finance has to play in creating sustainable growth.

Regardless of the sector you operate in you will likely need to make fundamental changes to become more sustainable and transition to net zero – but the Agriculture and Transport sectors will feel some of the biggest impacts.

Agriculture and Transport Articles

Reducing emissions for agriculture in the UK

British farmers, on average, produce less carbon emissions than many of their international competitors1 and landowners are always looking for further ways of increasing efficiency. Alice Ritchie, from the Country Land and Business Association, explores carbon accounting, the ways in which UK agriculture is already sustainable, where it can improve.

Driving sustainability in the dairy industry

The dairy industry continues to make strides in sustainability, but consumers need to be reassured that they’re making the right choice when they buy dairy. Dr Jude Capper explores sustainability within the industry, how we can improve, and what messages we should be communicating to the consumer.

How Agriculture is making the transition to a low carbon environment

From renewable heat, to solar power, to lowering CO2 output - HSBC is supporting farmers and their business partners as they reduce their carbon footprints.

Getting from A to B: How technology could transform the UK’s transport network

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) models of public transport promise an exciting redefinition of urban travel, whether targeting increased congestion or stripping back on pollution. But what challenges remain when applying them to the UK’s complicated infrastructure, and what role can HSBC UK play?

The fight for EV adoption

What will it take for the population at large to switch to electric vehicles in the UK? A roundtable event led by HSBC UK and DLA Piper laid bare the reality of how to align differing priorities, logistics and technology to facilitate such change – though much can yet be achieved with a progressive transport policy geared towards convenience, technology and enlightened driver attitudes.

Delivering low carbon transport solutions

Transport is a significant area of focus for governments, businesses and individuals seeking to reduce their environmental impact. Find out how we’ve supported two transport companies as they work to improve their green credentials.

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