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Countries parents are most likely to consider for their child's university education abroad

1. USA


2. Australia



3. UK


4. Canada


5. Germany


Serious about sustainable higher education

The Higher Education sector continues to evolve as policy, student demands and globalisation impacts each institution. This increased competition requires the sector to remain agile and progressive, whilst forging new partnerships with businesses. Investment to support teaching, student experience, facilities, research and technology is fundamental to the future success of an institution and will continue to shape the sector for years to come. Ian Robinson – Sector Head, Public Sector and Education, HSBC UK.

Ian Robinson | Head of Public Sector & Education – Commercial Banking

HSBC Global Research


of parents around the world would consider a university education abroad for their child – compared to 35% in 2016 – with parents in Asia the most likely to consider this.

1 million

international students welcomed by the USA. The USA, Australia and the UK are the top destination for studying abroad.


the cost parents estimate a full higher education abroad would be, globally.

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