Business Accounts

We help businesses thrive. Whatever your size, whether you’re local or global, we’ve got a business account for you.

Our bank account options, available to start ups and switchers.

Small Businesses

HSBC Kinetic

If you’re a sole trader or single director sole shareholder business, HSBC Kinetic may be right for you. Apply in minutes, in app. Most accounts opened within 48hrs.
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Small Business Banking Account

If you operate a small enterprise, require everyday transactional banking services and multiple ways to access your business account. Apply online to get off to a great start with 12 months free banking for start-ups or switchers.
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Larger Businesses

Larger businesses with specialist banking requirements

Business Banking Account

Our Business Banking Account, designed for small and medium sized enterprises with established needs.
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Charitable organisations

Charitable Bank Account

Everyday banking at a reduced price for charities and not-for-profit organisations with a charitable purpose.
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Business currency accounts

International Business Accounts

If you do business overseas, our choice of specialist account options could give you essential support in key areas such as importing and exporting, foreign currency and international payments.
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Client Currency Account

If you hold money for clients in Euros or US Dollars, this flexible business account gives you instant access.
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Corporate accounts

Specialist banking services for Corporate Banking customers with a turnover above £10m.

Corporate bank account

If you’re a Corporate Banking Customer, we could provide a Corporate Bank account for your day-to-day banking along with specialist services, support and expertise for your long-term financial future.
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