The recent crisis has strengthened the spotlight on business resilience. How can you adjust, adapt and alter ways to working to drive your recovery and make your business more resilient?

By calmly listening before making decisions, and holding off kneejerk reactions, you come to a far better medium-term view.

James Gardiner | CEO, Gardiner Bros

Navigator: Building business resilience

Whether it’s reshaping supply chains, increasing investment or showing a willingness to adapt, UK businesses are finding different ways to build their resilience. Our most recent Navigator report shows that 62% of businesses plan to increase investment in 2021, while 71% expect to return to pre-COVID profitability levels by the end of 2022. You can find out more about how UK companies are adapting for the future in the full Navigator report.

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Ignore sustainability at your peril – finding the risks and opportunities in net zero

Sustainability is climbing the business risk agenda, but it also offers significant opportunities for those companies keen to embrace a greener future. Find out how to turn risk into reward and build a more resilient and sustainable business.

APIs and today’s digital treasury

Speaking at this year’s ACT conference, Simon Berridge-Burley, senior project manager at the global liquidity and cash management division at HSBC, and Lee Spencer, CFO of digital gift card firm Tillo, outlined the innovation, security, scalability and flexibility available to firms who invest in API technology to build a digital treasury.

DiamondAir: How adapting now creates future success

In a sector radically affected by the pandemic, DiamondAir has taken difficult steps to meet the challenges and find new opportunities to be tomorrow ready.

How treasury can contribute to a firm’s wider sustainability objectives

The theme of this year’s ACT conference was ‘Balancing Risk, Championing Sustainable Growth’, placing ESG firmly in the spotlight. Considering funds, funding and investment, our panel considered how and why treasury can play a key role in driving the sustainability agenda for corporates.

Top tips for making you and your business more resilient

2020 has been a year of continual change and uncertainty, but how you respond to and manage that change can help determine your resilience now and in the future. Read our top tips for how to make you and your business more resilient.

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From reaction to action

Supply chain resilience and agility in a COVID-19 world.

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Managing and forecasting cash flow is key for every business. By introducing digital innovation, accurate data reporting and timely forecasting you can implement useful changes that will provide immediate benefits.

Technology is a key growth driver for businesses of all sizes. How can you leverage digital capabilities to build efficiencies, access new opportunities and make your business tomorrow ready?

Whether you are experienced in international trade or looking to expand overseas, it’s important to stay abreast of developments, changing trade agreements and Brexit rules so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

Sustainability is a core focus for businesses of all sizes.

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