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Cybercrime – an overview

The increasing digitisation of industry plays a vital role in business growth. But it also brings new and potentially disastrous risks.

However, those risks can be understood, managed and mitigated. There are things that you can do to protect your business, and we are here to support you.

Cybercrime targets everyone - from private individuals to large corporates. It is sophisticated and multi-formed, while considered by many to be the biggest direct – and indirect - threat to today’s business.

Therefore, it is crucial that you dedicate time and resources towards the education of yourself and your staff. Lack of understanding can leave your company extremely vulnerable, to all kinds of disruption and damage.

The harm caused by cybercrime can be immeasurable. However, some tangible effects can include financial loss, reputational damage, operational havoc and emotional distress.

One million UK cases of cybercrime were reported to Action Fraud last year alone1, while the 2016-17 joint National Cyber Security Centre & National Crime Agency report attributes 47.4% of all crime, committed in the UK, to cyber-enabled or cyber-dependent attacks2. Clearly, digital assaults are increasing as sophisticated tools and attack-for hire services become readily available within the online criminal marketplace.

We are here to help you. HSBC has a top-ranking score for online security, in Which?’s 2017 survey of high street banks3. We are dedicated to supporting you as you build your cybercrime knowledge, and to helping you stay S.A.F.E online.

Find out more by exploring the Cybercrime Hub; you can print out Business Guides, download resources for your staff, or keep up-to-date with the latest news and case studies.

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