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Protect your business from bad debt and unpaid invoices resulting from your customers becoming insolvent, not paying on time or political actions resulting in non-payment in export markets.

Trade Credit Insurance at a glance

Growth: Could help businesses to significantly increase sales by enabling them to safely expand their customer base and grow existing accounts.

Collection: Credit insurance works together with your credit control and can assist in collecting the outstanding money for overdue invoices, from domestic and overseas buyers.

Protection: Trade Credit insurance covers your receivables due within 12 months so your cash flow is safeguarded.

Insight: Dedicated Research Team who analyse economic sectors and country risk so you can better anticipate and respond to changes in market conditions.

What’s not covered? Cash upfront and pro-forma payments, Inter-company sales and sales to Government and other Public Institutions (directly linked to Government).

Why think about Trade Credit Insurance today?

Trade credit insurance is more important today, arguably, than at any time since the global financial crisis over a decade ago. Trade tensions featuring the world’s two biggest economies (China and USA), Brexit and fears about an impending recession have created an uncertain business environment in which insolvencies are on the rise.

If a business is not protected against one of its customers going bust, then the consequences can be serious. Late or non-payments can become a big problem, with estimates suggesting that more than half of UK SMEs are owed money from late payers, amounting to more than £250 billion outstanding (Source: The Credit Protection Association). Trade credit insurance can provide a vital financial safety net that you can use to mitigate this worst-case scenario.

With 1,500 risk experts worldwide in more than 50 countries, Allianz Trade supports your business growth by:

  • allowing expansion into wider export markets
  • extending higher levels of credit to financially solvent businesses
  • helping you monitor your existing customer’s financial stability, giving you confidence to get ahead of the competition

We’ve partnered with Allianz Trade to provide Trade Credit Insurance.

Available to Relationship Managed customers only (typically with annual turnover greater than £2m).

Cover for Buyer Insolvency:

Helps protect your business from bad debt resulting from insolvency of your customer.

Cover for Buyer Late Payment:

Can protect your cashflow from unpaid invoices when your customers run into financial problems and do not pay on time.

Cover for Political Risk:

Offers protection from currency value risks or government actions resulting in non-payment of invoices in export markets.


With over 40 million companies monitored, trade credit insurance provides expert assessment of business creditworthiness and market conditions.

What else is included?

Allianz Trade provide Credit Insurance Consultants and Dedicated Relationship Managers who strive to provide exceptional customer service throughout the policy term.

Online access to a Market Intelligence tool providing up to date economic and risk data.

Bespoke Industry Wordings covering unique trade aspects and risk extenders.

Important information

Allianz Trade is the trademark used to designate a range of services provided by Euler Hermes

Trade Credit Insurance policies are sold, administered and underwritten by Euler Hermes UK.

For more information call 0161 332 8506. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm excluding UK Bank Holidays.

Calls may be recorded and monitored.

Euler Hermes UK and Euler Hermes Ireland are branches of Euler Hermes SA (NV), trading as Allianz Trade, Avenue des Arts 56, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Company no. 0403.248.596 RPM Brussels. Insurance firm, registered under code 418.

Euler Hermes UK is a branch registered in England and Wales with no. BR015404, registered branch address 1 Canada Square, London E14 5DX. Authorised and regulated by the National Bank of Belgium and the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Details about the extent of our regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority are available from us on request.

Euler Hermes Ireland is a branch registered in Ireland with no. 906694, registered branch address Allianz House, Elmpark, Merrion Road, Dublin 4. Euler Hermes SA (NV), trading as Allianz Trade and Euler Hermes Ireland, is authorised by the National Bank of Belgium and the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority in Belgium and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.

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