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Post Office for business customers

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If you're a business customer or a customer with a Community, School or College account, you'll now be able to use the network of 11,500 Post Office® branches to make cash deposits, withdrawals, change-giving or to make a balance enquiry, as long as you have a debit card or a deposit card (for paying in cash and/or change-giving only). It's also now possible to deposit a cheque using your HSBC paying in slip and a cheque envelope (supplied by the Post Office®). Your Business Debit or Deposit Card will not be required to deposit cheques.


  • Useful if you find it difficult to access our branches
  • Convenient for business customers who would prefer to access their account at their local Post Office®


  • There is no additional charge for using the Post Office®, our usual account charges apply
  • Business customers enjoying free banking, or who are not currently charged for counter services, will not be charged for using the Post Office® until their free banking period comes to an end

Important information

You’ll need to have a Business Debit Card to make withdrawals and balance enquiries.

You can use a Business Debit Card or Business Deposit Card to pay in or exchange cash for change.

Cheques can be deposited using an HSBC cheque only deposit slip, together with a cheque envelope (supplied by the Post Office®). Please note, there will be one additional business day for the clearing timescale as HSBC won't receive cheques until the next business day following deposit to the Post Office®.

  • The maximum cash deposit allowed is GBP20,000
  • The maximum coin content per deposit allowed is £250 of coin separated into full sachets per denomination or up to 10 full bags of coin (separated per denomination). Please see the below table which confirms values per denomination for full sachets and full bags:
Full Sachet Value
Full Bag Value
£2 & £1 coins
50p & 20p coins
10p & 5p
2p & 1p
  • The maximum cash withdrawal limit is GBP500 or up to the daily cash withdrawal limit of your card (whichever is lower)
  • The maximum change-giving is GBP2,000
  • Only larger Post Office® Branches will be enabled to operate up to the higher deposit/change-giving limit, with smaller Branches only able to accept a maximum deposit of GBP4,000 and change giving of GBP1,000. Individual Post Office® will be able to advise of their specific limits

FAQ: Introduction of CMB Post Office® Services

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