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Asset Based Lending (ABL)

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Provides flexible funding against the value of assets within your business via bespoke revolving lines of credit and/or term loans tailored to your needs.

Enhanced liquidity to fund your working capital requirements or support your expansion strategy, be that through capital investment or acquisitions – it’s up to you.

At a glance – key product features

  • Flexibility with revolving and term structures accommodated to maximise liquidity
  • Funding levels linked to asset values
  • Typically covenant-light and could provide greater funding levels compared to alternative solutions
  • HSBC’s global reach enables cross border solutions
  • Single facility agreement irrespective of the assets funded

Key benefits

ABL structure – how it works

  • Bespoke facility to meet your business needs based on the value of one or more of the following assets, on a revolving or term basis:
    • Receivables – revolving
    • Inventory – revolving
    • Property – term
    • Plant and Machinery - term or revolving
  • Flexible Loan to Value (LTV) against each asset funded
  • Funding regularly updated in line with asset growth

Is Asset Based Lending right for your business?

If any of the following apply to your business, this solution could meet your needs:

  • Typically with turnover in excess of £50m and a funding requirement of £15m and above
  • Selling on open account to other businesses in the UK or globally
  • Asset heavy / capital intensive business wanting to maximise liquidity
  • Increasing and / or seasonal working capital requirement
  • Capital tied up in assets that could be working harder
  • Looking for a flexible liquidity solution to support acquisition or expansion

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