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Improve the way you manage working capital by streamlining and enhancing visibility of your receivables.

Our comprehensive range of global receivables solutions is backed by our global presence and local knowledge. As a result, HSBC could help you manage your entire collection cycle with greater speed and efficiency, including the physical collection of funds, data processing and information delivery. That means your team can focus on maximising business opportunities and other important projects that add value to your operations.

Our global receivables solutions

Paper and electronic collection services

Collect cash and cheque payments in multiple countries using HSBC’s branch or our alliance bank network. Take advantage of electronic fund transfer and bill payment services for fast collection of receivables.

Reconciling your receivables

Available in more than 20 countries worldwide, our Payer Identification solution uses virtual bank accounts to help you identify who has paid you.

Not only can you help to reduce risk by keeping your real account details out of the public domain, but 100% accurate identification of the payer - of electronic payments - becomes possible too.

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