Preserve capital and maintain liquidity. To support and grow your business, you need to make the most of excess balances. This involves not simply knowing where cash is, but also having the right tools to access and use funds in the most effective way possible. That’s why our savings, equity and investment solutions are designed to help you consolidate balances for faster, easier access to capital when it’s needed – helping you put idle funds to work growing liquidity and protecting your business.

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Liquidity, liability and investments

Increase the efficiency of your operations by managing cash on a portfolio basis across more than 50 markets worldwide. Our global liquidity solutions provide you with a range of self-funding, deposit and investment techniques.

Survival tactics: How IMS' Durgham Shamot achieved his dream

The Jordan-born entrepreneur doesn’t see himself as one – but a life-long instinct to survive was exactly the motivation he required to think on his feet and build a medical supplies business worth over £22m.

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