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Supporting DTN’s treasury centralisation & digitalisation journey

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DTN is a data, analytics and technology company that delivers operational intelligence to organizations with complex supply chains around the world.

The integration of MeteoGroup, Europe’s leading weather intelligence provider, to DTN expanded the organization’s global data and insights network to provide cloud-based solutions that are both global and hyperlocal to companies to mitigate risk, improve safety and sustainability and optimize their performance.

DTN provides solutions and insights to companies all around the world so one of our challenges was navigating country-specific requirements for financial processing. HSBC helped us navigate the process with one regional point of contact and bringing in local expertise and knowledge as required.

David Cornthwaite | Finance Director, DTN

The challenge

DTN wanted to:

  • streamline their bank accounts in different geographies
  • gain better visibility for cashflow management and strategic oversight
  • further digitize their treasury.

DTN wanted one banking provider across Europe and the Philippines that could provide up-to-date technology and interoperability.

The solution

DTN shifted all its accounts in ten countries over to HSBC and signed up to HSBCnet, the Liquidity Management Dashboard, FX solution Evolve and credit card management platform MyVision. DTN is also implementing HSBC Connect, the full host-to-host solution, in tandem with its shift to a new ERP provider.

The outcome

  • A single host-to-host global pipeline
  • Integration of all accounts payables and receivables
  • Fully automated pre-authorised file delivery and acknowledgement
  • Security and data integrity
  • End of day global information reporting for all accounts
  • Interoperability with DTN’s ERP and treasury management systems

If we can make a lot of the transactional work easier for the finance team, then they can spend their time on more value-added items. They’re not keying in bank details, instead, they’ll be able to come up with things that improve the business.

David Cornthwaite | Finance Director, DTN

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