Contactless payment on your card

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Our Business Debit and Corporate, Purchasing, Commercial and Company Cards are now contactless and will work at contactless readers throughout the UK allowing you to pay for low value items with a simple tap.

Contactless is:


  • There's no need to enter your PIN or sign for everyday purchases under £100. Simply touch the reader with your contactless card to pay in seconds.


  • No need to find cash and no hanging around at the till for change or receipts unless you need one.


  • Contactless payments are safe and secure. You are protected against fraud, just like you are with Chip & PIN payments. For extra security you may occasionally be asked to enter your PIN.

How to use contactless

  1. Look for the contactless symbol when paying for items up to the value of £100
  2. Touch your contactless card against the reader
  3. A beep or green light shows your payment is being processed. For extra security, the contactless transaction may occasionally be declined, so just insert your card into the reader and enter your PIN or sign.
  4. Your payment is approved

Where can I use it?

Simply look for the contactless logo which can be found in many popular places, or you can visit the Visa website for a more detailed search on which shops in your area accept contactless.

Note: You need to make at least one Chip and Pin transaction to enable the Contactless functionality on your card.

Your questions answered

If you see the contactless symbol on your card it means that you can use your card for contactless payments.

Using your card to pay for fares in London

For full details of how to use contactless on the Transport for London (TfL) network please see:

At the end of the day the cost of all your journeys will be added together and that amount will be debited from your contactless payment card account.

TfL have a daily and weekly capping limit for contactless payment. This is the maximum amount you can be charged for a day and week as relevant. For full details