Banking at your fingertips

Helping to make digital banking for your charity or not-for-profit organisation even easier and more convenient.

We believe that banking should be fast and convenient, and that you should be able to concentrate on the purpose of your charity or not-for-profit organisation. Digital banking gives you more control and visibility over your accounts, whenever and wherever you need.

Key Benefits

Smarter banking

Benefit from speedy, straightforward self-service access and management of your accounts, payments and much more through our easy-to-use desktop and mobile services.

Flexible and convenient

The tools that we offer you are simple to set up and use. They can remove barriers, simplify processes and make your organisation’s banking easier and more convenient.

Enjoy greater visibility and control

You’ll be able to respond quickly to change and make well-informed decisions about your cashflow with the visibility and confidence that our digital services provide.

By banking online, you can:

  • Update, amend and change bank mandates online
  • Report cards lost, stolen and block or unblock them using your mobile
  • Review, sign and submit documents digitally
  • Deposit cheques up to £500 using your mobile device
  • Do it all with simple, secure authentication using your mobile app – no need for separate security devices.
Making life simpler

Making life simpler

At HSBC, we want to make banking a smooth and seamless experience. Your accounts should be easy to access and manage, with a clear picture of your finances at your fingertips, 24/7.

Getting started

We know it’s not always easy to get to grips with a new system. That’s why we’ve made these handy ‘How-to’ videos, to help you get set up quickly, without a lot of fuss. You can find even more videos here.

Welcome to online banking - Desktop

Mandates made easy with HSBC Business Internet Banking

How to pay a cheque in

Depositing cheques just got easier


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