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Supportwave is now offering HSBC Business Customers 10% discount on remote and on-site IT Support.

Supportwave – The Expert IT Support Skills You Need, When You Need Them.

HSBC Business Customers are eligible for a 10% discount for Supportwave’s remote and on-site IT Support services. Gain the power to access 3,000+ IT Skills at your fingertips. Stay in control of your IT with 24/7 remote support or conveniently schedule on-site support wherever you are.

Terms and Conditions

Updated T&Cs link can be found here.

Verify your card to claim offer

To take advantage of this offer you will need to hold an HSBC Business Debit Card, HSBC Business Credit Card, HSBC Kinetic Debit Card or HSBC Kinetic Credit Card

Enter the first 6 digits of your HSBC card number

Example: 4000 53XX XXXX XXXX